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Emergency Management Agency

We are responsible for:

  • Planning, assigning and coordinating all available resources in an integrated program of prevention
  • Mitigation, preparedness response and recovery of all emergencies

Emergency Management is NOT a replacement for or an addition to, the police, fire, ambulance, Red Cross, and other important community emergency functions. Rather it is a system for coordinating and managing these multiple services when all are responding to a community threat.

We have all types of emergency information to offer to the public, ranging from weather information, what to do during fires, floods, severe weather, school emergencies, and hazardous material emergencies to how to prepare your car and home for winter storms.

Our Goal

To reduce vulnerability of people and municipalities within our county to damage, injury and loss of life and property​​

 ​ ​​

Office Information

Normal operating hours:
 8:30 A.M. to 4 PM
Monday through Friday
​Contact Information
Director, Eugene Dziak
Phone: (570) 836-3191
Operations Training Officer, David Carichner
Phone: (570) 836-3192
Administrative Assistant, Sue Howell
Phone: (570) 836-2828

​EMA Message

The importance of an emergency management program only becomes apparent during time of emergency, that is why we help municipalities establish their own local emergency management program with a plan that will assist them when disaster does strike. This program, on the county and local level, is the insurance that will protect the citizens and reduce the liability for hazards that may affect them.


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